NoviceMs - Develop by Jerry and AhZh3nG



Welcome To NoviceMS. This will be the best v62 server you will ever play. [Exp x 1000]¤[Meso x 5000]¤[drops x 50]¤[boss drops x 5]¤[pet drops x 1]
[Lag-Free]¤[No Donation Needed]¤[User Limit of 70 (for now)]
[Custom NPC]¤[Custom PVP]¤[Custom PQ]¤[Multi-pets]

Pets work like they do in GMS, they walk toward items as well (including robos)
Working Cash Shop
Skill Macros Work
All non-pirate skills work, only 2-3 pirate skills are broken
Arrows drop normally
GMS Drops and GMS Shops
Reborns work at 200+
Player Shops
Ring Effects
Marriage potential
Monster Skills
Monster Effects
Forced Map Returns added with offline exp fixer
Beginners start with 100 buddy slots
Guilds and BBS, old stuff
Teleport rocks work, Smegas work
Everything with pets work
Chairs Work
Summons, Commands, Morphs, Salons Work, GM Map has hair/eye changer
Guild Prices are GMS like
Prices are GMS like
Old Drop System
Auto Warp Out after PQ
Showa and Orbis Exchange quests
Trade Button Warps to FM
2x Exp card working
Full wedding if npcs are made.
Server Bot added
Mount exp/leveling/fatigue
Donator/Players may get nx from mobs if set in world.prop
Dash Working
Robos Working
Donator Point system + seller in FM
Karma System
Parties working

Boats/Cabins/Related travel working
Henesys PQ, KerningPQ, LudiMaze PQ, LudiPQ, ZakumPQ, Guild PQ working
Field of Judgement every 15 minutes

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